Teaching kids the principles of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Lego Mindstorm

WeDo (7 - 8)

This course is an introduction to working with computers, programming and starts the LEGO building process. We build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors, connect them to a computer and use a simple tool to program behavior.

They work with a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities and develop skills within science and coding.

Mechanical Systems (8-10)

This course focuses on the mechanical side of engineering.  We examine the 6 simple machines - Pulleys and Gears, Levers, Wheels and Axles, Wedges, Inclined planes, screws as well as structures and forces.

We use LEGO Technic blocks to build a different model each week to seedifferent examples of the simple machines in everyday life. This is also great for planning, problem solving and spatial awareness.

Robotics (from 11)

The LEGO Mindstorms system introduces students to robotics and coding in an awesome yet practical way. The course focus on: developing programming logic, problem solving, applied maths, critical thinking and creativity. We use a very easy yet powerful drag and drop program (Labview) to create logic for your robot with input and output processing using different sensors and motors.


Our students learn Java from beginner to intermediary. They will learn the principles of coding and how to apply some of  the thousands of Java instructions they may come across. The exercises we give them will teach them programming logic which is essential for a strong foundation to prepare them for any advance coding they may need to use later.


We use MicroPython to program the EV3 robot. MicroPython use the same core instructions as Python3 but is made smaller to help the smaller processors on robots and other devices, like Rasberry Pi, to process the programs faster. This is an excellent starting point to Python3 and other coding languages.

Robot Explorers
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